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Alan Higbie

I hope you are having a good weekend Timon:

I don't use "insert" to send CALL & REPORT - I use ENTER SENDS MESSAGE.

For me that is better - because the ENTER key is larger and presents a bigger target for my fat fingers. 

As you noticed, these keyboards have the "insert" key below F11 - but to use "insert" you will need to press two keys: (blue) Fn (at lower left) + the F11
That is not good.

But, in N1MM+ I believe you could re-map the F11 key to do same as "Insert."

Here is a photo of one of my keyboards - with the labels I have for ARRL Sweepstakes contest.

These KB's work well for me because of the way my station is set up.  Otherwise, I don't have space for 2 full-sized KBs. See photo.  

Also, I have used these small keyboards when traveling - they are much easier to pack.

PRICE: When I ordered these - in Sept 2017 when bought mine - the cost $36 each.  Now the price is $21.  Despite low price - they work really well. 

K6MR was the one who originally posted about these in 2017.

One thing I haven't finished working out: How to incrementally change CW sending speed (UP / DOWN) without using two hands.  I know it should be easy - but I just haven't finished it.

73, Alan K0AV  

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Hi Alan,


I saw that the insert key is under F11.

Is that not a problem with N1MM where the insert key does the call and report?

73 Timon



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I've been using 2 of these keyboards for more than 2 years 

From Amazon: 

Wireless Keyboard Mouse, Jelly Comb 2.4GHz Ultra Thin Compact Portable Small Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set for PC, Desktop, Computer, Notebook, Laptop, Windows XP/Vista / 7/8 / 10 (Black)

73, Alan K0AV