Experimental code posted

John Bednar

If you are using Logger+ Audio concatenating audio player and have time to test code, I posted an experimental version at the link below.


The build contains all pending changes for Tuesdays release. The specific parser changes are included below.


John, K3CT



Logger+ Audio: Concatenating audio player parser changes.

-          Allow a function key message to start with a wav file prior to the callsign macro (!).

-          Check each letter file during the function key parsing for existence, read permission, and matching wav file properties.

-          Skip any wav file during the parsing that is a problem and display the error in a NIMB message. This is to eliminate the frequent RunTime reports from users that try to use wav files with different recording properties.

-          Added support for ? and / in the callsign.

-          A callsign ending with "/P" is played with the STROKEP.wav file.

-          Remember that concatenating the audio files before the audio player starts means a callsign changes will not update the playing message. This is supported in the non-concatenating audio player because the callsign box is checked between each wav file.