Clicking on Zone Mults - SO2R

Stewart G3RXQ


Having just finished implementing SO2R at my station I thought I would try it out in the IARU HF contest.

Previously with SO1R I had found clicking on wanted zones in the multiplier matrix to be very useful, getting the rig directly to the band/frequency of the station.

However, when I tried this with my new S02R setup it threw me all over the place.

To make antenna/bpf switching etc simple I have set one K3 (Radio A)  for 160, 80 and 40. The other K3 (Radio B) to 20, 15 and 10.

This works well, and if I manually select the band before left-clicking on the same band, all is OK.

But, if not, I can finished up with a higher freq selected on the lower band radio and V.V.

I see from the help file that it only talks about the freq being sent to Radio A.

Is there any workaround, as manual band selection rather spoils the usefulness of the Zone window ?

73 Stewart G3RXQ - G3B

Stewart G3RXQ

Thanks to the one gent who contacted me by email...

73 Stewart G3RXQ - G3Q

Stewart G3RXQ

Might there be a way of assigning individual bands in the Zone multiplier map to specific Radio Com  ports ?

Maybe tied in with the Entry window band selection.

73 Stewart G3RXQ - G3Q