Bandmap in WAE not displaying properly

Rich Seifert

I bring this up every year, but it never seems to get noticed or resolved.

I understand that the Bandmap behaves differently in WAE, since just working a station doesn’t mean you can’t later exchange QTC with them, so a lot of stations “stay” on the map.

First, I DOUBLE-CHECKED that I do NOT have “Show duplicate/unworkable spots on map” checked. However, in WAE (only) dupes and unworkable spots are ALWAYS displayed, cluttering up the map considerably. This is true for both domestic stations (where they should disappear as soon as I work them, since we can’t exchange QTC), and intercontinental stations with which I have already exchanged a full complement of QTC. They appear grayed-out, AS IF I had checked the “Show unworkables” in the config menu.

Minor annoyance, but it’s been there for years.

Rich KE1B