Band Panel Freqs In FM

John Young

Is it possible to change the frequency assigned to the band buttons on the left of the entry window when working the FM Only contest category?  The defaults are 50, 144, 222 & 420 MHz.  I would like to change these to the FM calling freqs where 90% of my contacts are.

When the header is PH (not FM) I can use Alt-Z to assign freqs but the radio defaults to USB.  When the header is FM Alt-Z does bring up the entry window just like in PH and I can enter the freq but the band button assigned freq is not changed.  It would sure be nice to just click the band buttons and move to the desired freq while staying in FM mode.  

Where did I go wrong/what did i miss on the set up?


VE9AA - Mike

Hi John,

You did not say whether this question was related to  single op or multi-op contesting.  Since all your 3830 submissions are single-op, save one, I have to assume single-op.  Which makes me wonder why you are using ALT+Z (which is used to send a pass frequency to all computers in a multi-op scenario.)

To change bands in N1MM+, you have the choice of:
  • clicking on the appropriate the band button on the left of the entry window
  • typing the frequency into the entry window and hitting enter/return on your keyboard
  • or punch in the band button or VFO on your rig (assuming your FM rig is interfaced.)

I suspect (but I don't know) the band button labels (50,144 etc) are all hard coded, and you probably cannot change them to 52, 146 etc (It's just a guess)

Happy Holidays.  Happy VHF FMing.

Mike VE9AA

John Young

You are correct on single op.  Radio is interfaced, FT991A.  While the Alt Z is intended for passing, it does allow me to define the freq on the band buttons though as mentioned the mode changes to USB.

As you suggest I can push the radio band button, bring up the band menu, select the band and close the menu.  Typing in the freq is faster, the N1MM band buttons would be faster yet.

If it's not possible to set up the frreqs on the band buttons that's OK, ir would be a convenience for a very small number of users, not a true problem that needs to be addressed.