IARU multipliers

Tom Frenaye

In a post-contest review I found that the option under Windows – Multipliers - Sections/States does show HQ stations worked per band.   I should have looked harder for it before the contest.


Some suggestions for improvement:


  1. Check the list against the official IARU society list.
  2. I noticed that Z6-Kosovo is missing – SHRAK.  
  3. It’d be useful to also add:


AC  Administrative Council

R1  Region 1

R2  Region 2

R3  Region 3


  1. It might also be useful to have an option to list the actual country in the Multiplier window, and the callsign of the station worked.  A few have more than one station in a country…(Canada and Italy this year)   Maybe a right-click on the Society abbreviation would show the country and callsign?
  2. Finally, change the Window – Multipliers – Sections/States option to say Sections/States/HQ (or IARU).  Someone planning to operate in the IARU HF contest next year will be able to find the list more easily.


 -- Tom/K1KI


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Also, is there a way to show IARU HQ stations worked with importing a file each year.   Why can’t a multiplier list of HQ stations worked just show those in the log?  Any errors would be from my own mistakes in copying the exchange…


73 Tom/K1KI