WFDA - was: How to install SPAR Winter Field Day

Larry K8UT

The listing for SPAR and links to the defunct contest have been vanquished from the website

The listing for WFDA has been refreshed and the link now points to the sponsor's new page.

Let me know if still having an issue with the Winter Field Day listing.

-larry K8UT

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On 19 Jan 2020 at 17:11, Joseph Hurd wrote:

You do realize that the SPAR information is way out of date.   They no longer run the event.    Maybe someone should actually see about pulling that file or making it a see also.   The file you need is the one for the winter field day association.   

Also there is a detailed set of instructions on the facebook group for winter field day on how to install and use it.    Look in the files section of the group.

> I have N1MM 1.0.8081.0 installed. Searching on N1MM website, per the directions I find: " The UDC files themselves are found on the N1MM Logger+ website, located under >Files > User Defined Contests ( ) go to page 5 and download "
> I searched the site for this file but I am unable to locate a ** file, only a "Text" file for SPAR WFD.
> Where exactly is the WFD file located on N1MM? Are the rest of the instructions at " N1MM+ Winter Field Day Setup - File updated 1/11/2019" correct as written?
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