wo4o RiC

Just a quick note to thank the development team for making my participation in radiosport much more enjoyable because of the availability of the best (IMO) logging program. Also adding my kudos to all the users who participate in offering ideas for improvement and answers and assistance to help those of us who endeavor to become proficient with operating MM+. Recently had a question about utilizing the W1VE synthesized messages for phone contesting and Joe WB9SBD stepped up to resolve my issue in a matter of minutes. I'd list all the other helpful hams by name and call sign but as initially stated, this was intended to be a 'quick note'.  THANK YOU!
73 de RiC wo4o
Grand Island FL



I also would  like to thank all those who make N1MM+ and my enjoyment of ham radio better. 

Members of this group who contribute personally to solving problems for others such as Rich VE3KI and Joe WB9SBD who step up to help others are greatly appreciated.

Tks.  73, Chuck N7BV