N1MM+/WSJT-X TX fails

Lewis Sayre

The N1MM+/WSJT-X combo functioned perfectly in SO2R mode throughout The WW Digi contest. 2 weeks later I fire up again and radio2 won't go into TX when the WSJT-X does, but it intermittently works correctly. The gear is 2 Elecraft K3s ( with all mods- essentially K3Ss),  a MicroHam MK2R+, and a fast computer running Windows 10. Before the WW Digi contest I'd found that the line in on K3 #2 did not work- probably due to lightening. Therefore the system was configured to use the soundcards that are in each K3.  Some day I'll fix the line in on radio 2 but not yet.
     The computer had downloaded some updates from MicroSoft  between the WW Digi and the start of the trouble with radio 2 not going into TX although WSJT-X did go into TX. I found that the culprit seemed to be Windows update Sept. 10- KB4515394....OS Build 18362.356. That update messed with audio, among other things.  I deleted that update but ran out of time to explore things further. Today I fired up the system and the computer re-updated the same update that I'd deleted. However in the info accompanying the most recent update Microsoft noted that they had received many complaints from mostly the Gamers about how the audio had changed. Therefor they had dropped the audio revision in this update but promised to have the revision back and working better by the end of September.
     Currently radio 1 works perfectly. Radio 2, by itself, drops the TX twice out of 12 sequences on average.  The thing I don't understand is that when I alternate sequences (one odd-one even) between radio 1 and radio 2 (different bands) radio 2 works  perfectly with no dropped TX sequences over a 30 minute time period. Go back to single radio 2 and it will drop the TX again randomly.
     The settings for WSJT-X  for both radios are identical, except for the network server on the radio tab to point to radio 2. The config settings for N1MM+ are identical. The radio settings in the menus for the K3s are identical.  The MK2R+ has the identical settings for the different ports and the other settings are triple checked and had been working perfectly. I don't know why radio 2 drops the TX when operating by itself. I suspect it is something pertaining to the update but that is only a guess.  Maybe when the line in on radio 2 got smoked it made something else intermittent..but I doubt that as it functions perfectly in true SO2R mode. Maybe K3s have a higher threshold to trigger incoming commands. I notice that the TX will be slightly delayed or dropped if I leave either K3 inside a menu rather than exiting the menu when I operate.
     Anyway, if anybody else has any thoughts please share them. My plan is to try the revised audio in the promised update from Windows whenever that happens. Until then when doing FT* I'll be SO2R.
Maybe the information about the Windows update may help some other Ops who are struggling with intermittentcy...if that is a word.. 
  Tnx for any thought or ideas about what could be causing this phenomena.
  73 and I remain,
   Lew      w7ew