[NCCC] CQ WW RTTY Practice

Ed Muns, W0YK

I don’t understand the question, but Friday is 27 September, not 29 September in the original posting below.




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Someone once said “you want the real answer – follow the money”

Who is doing the study and what is their end game ?




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The overall World Wide DX contest season opened at the end of August with the inaugural WW Digi DX Contest.  However, as always, the venerable CQ World Wide DX Contest season opens this weekend with the RTTY mode.   The following practice sessions provide an opportunity to check out equipment, software, operator, etc.:


Thursday, 26 September, 2000-2100z (Thursday evening, EU time)
Friday, 29 September, 0300-0400z (Thursday evening, NA time)


Use whichever bands work for you at each time slot.  Use regular contest messages and be prepared to have someone alert you that the contest starts a day later.  Some people program a message memory with “PRACTICE FOR CQ WW” or similar.


Rules are available at in English and several other languages thanks to a number of volunteer translators.

MixW users please note the instructions at which explain how to setup the logger prior to the contest so that a proper Cabrillo formatted log file
can be created after the contest.

Submit your log using the web tool at which checks your log format in real-time for convenient and quick fixes, as needed, before submitting to the robot for you.


P.S.  Don’t miss the CQ WW RTTY DX Contest webinar:

2019-09-24 1900 UTC (Tuesday afternoon USA, Tuesday evening EU) Register
2019-09-25 0100 UTC (Tuesday evening USA, Wednesday morning EU) Register

CQ WW RTTY DX – Legacy Digital Contesting
Ed Muns, W0YK, Presenter


We will review the 32-year history of the CQ WW RTTY DX Contest and describe the few distinctive rule differences from the CQ WW CW/SSB DX Contests.  The various participant resources will be examined along with log submittal, Log Check Reports, the Scores Database and awards. Questions and discussion will be fielded at the end. The webinar is being offered at two different times to reach as many people worldwide as possible.