Multi windows against bandplan/VFO tuning - WARC bands #spectrum

F5PBL - Claude

Hi all,
Newcomer on the forum and as N1MM+ logger user so please be gentle :)
My first message, besides being to thank N1MM for the piece of art provided, will be to look for some help and/or explanation about a strange behaviour I am facing.
Config: N1MM+ version 1.0.7937.0 built 03/09/2019, running Windows10 french version.
No physical link to my radio gear so far.
I am connected to a cluster via internet, receiving RBN spots. That populates the "Multipliers" window along with the bandmap window. Timer set to 10 minutes before removing the spots from the bandplan.
N1MM+ used as daily logger (not contest mode).
My question is about the way to using the "Multipliers" window. Some search made on this forum did not help me finding anything similar to the following report.
Refering to the online doc ( ), I understand that when one left-clicks on a red box, VFOA (and the associated bandmap window) will QSY to the said spot.
It works well...except on specific cases, when the red boxes in the "Multi" window are on WARC bands.
Please refer to
This is a screenshot taken _after_ left-click : the mouse pointer shows the red box on 15m. And the bandplan displays 15m band, VFOA says HB9TNW. Everything is ok and works as I would expect it to do.
Now look at
Once again, screenshot taken _after_ left-click : the mouse pointer shows the red box on 17m but bandplan shows 30m and VFO is on 30m, HB4FV/B.
Now, if I click manually on 17m in the VFO window, bandplan will display 17m, showing an HB9 station in red. Sorry, I have forgotten to make a screenshot of that.
Same situation here on 12m (2 screenshots) : (displaying 20m) (displaying 80m)
Note: I also have cases when the QSY is correct on WARC bands (eg on 30m).
I will go on investigating to try to find out why I am facing this behaviour from time to time. 
Vy 73,
Claude, F5PBL