Need volunteers for translation of N1MM+


First let me introduce myself. I'm Al Kozakiewicz, AB2ZY. I joined the N1MM development team late last year.

For the past several months I've been working on a project that allows users self-service access to translate the N1MM GUI into languages other than English. For any window in N1MM+ this functionality allows you to export the text elements of the user interface (labels, menus, button captions, etc.) as English into an Excel or Comma Delimited file; translate those text elements into any language (see notes on this below) via an added column in the file; and then import that file back into N1MM+. You can then select that language from the Configure Ports etc. window and any windows that are translated will appear in that language.

The main Entry Window and Configurer are currently fully functional. So in addition to text elements in the interface as above, system messages are available for translation as well, i.e. messages that appear as pop-up windows aka Message Boxes. The foundation is built to allow the same on all other windows, but those internal text elements are not yet exposed to the user. Since doing so requires developer work to enable, some as-yet undefined process will need to be followed to decide which are important enough to enable and which can be left in English. The current target thought from the team is about 20% of the more than 3000 such text elements.

I have been testing with languages that use Latin character sets - Polish, Swedish and Spanish for example. It has been tried with Cyrillic and it works, but because the text elements tend to be longer in Russian the UI may need some work to accommodate those. Idiomatic character sets should work, but no one on the team reads or writes any of the Asian languages so this needs testing. Lastly, the right-to-left language characters (Hebrew, Arabic) should work but this is untested as well.

The system is designed to allow users to import the translation work of others. So one person could, for example, translate a form into Portuguese and many Portuguese or Brazilian users could use that work product without doing any translation themselves.

Some of the details need to be worked out, such as how to consolidate the work of many and make it available for distribution to the N1MM+ user community. This is expected to be a user community effort. The development team (me, mostly) will work to fix any bugs and add any overlooked functionality, but our efforts need to concentrate on adding and fixing contesting features.

What I'd like to start with are a set of user volunteers to work with me to get this ready for general distribution. They should consist both of people who are willing to do translation work and those who wish to test translated languages. I'll make an experimental version that will be available to the volunteers. This experimental version will be built and updated regularly from the production code base. The only things different in this experimental version are access to the translation toolkit. You should be able to use it in place of the general release of M1MM+ without losing access to new features.

Please post here and send an email to akozak @ (you don't need to put your email address in your post here). Tell me the language you are interested in and the role you wish to play - translator or tester.  I'll acknowledge your participation and put together a distribution list for communication.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Best regards.



Tom - N1MM

See the attached screen shot of Al's work in Polish, using Google Translate.  This was a proof of concept, so Polish speakers please don't be critical.  As Al says, we are looking for bilingual translators for this project. 

It's our hope that this effort will enable hams without English skills to enjoy contesting with N1MM+ 



Bumping this topic. Still looking for team members. Brazil Portuguese is ready to go thanks to Xavier PP5XA. Would be nice to have some testers so we can enable the functionality in the general release in time for fall contesting.


Andreas Rehberg

Hi Al,
I could help with the translations to German. I do that for some contest rules and a weather sat program already.
And for tqsl (LoTW) - there a tool called poedit (see or you might want to ask Rick, K1MU) is used.
This makes translations into different languages quite easy and helps keeping them in sync.
73, Andy, DF4WC/N6NNA
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Bumping this topic. Still looking for team members. Brazil Portuguese is ready to go thanks to Xavier PP5XA. Would be nice to have some testers so we can enable the functionality in the general release in time for fall contesting.