N1MM Logger+ companion program for the IC-7610/7300

Björn Ekelund, SM7IUN

I have written a small piece of software for my own use but since so many have asked I post it here also. 

It is a "convenience" companion to N1MM Logger+ for the IC-7610 and IC-7300. (Likely works for IC-785x but not IC-7800).

It consumes very little screen real estate and offers:
1. Configurable, automatic switching of waterfall edges and REF level based on mode (CW, Phone and Digital) and band. 
2. Waterfall zoom, zooming in the waterfall to +/-10kHz around the current frequency (with its own REF level).
3. Per-band output power level (helpful when using PA, also includes is also a "barefoot" mode with 100% on all bands)

Changing the settings is done using two text boxes and two sliders. All settings are remembered, 
including used COM port.

It's open source under the MIT license so anyone wanting to copy, extend, or customize 
it is completely free to do so. Just clone the GIT in Visual Studio. 

Since N1MM occupies the main CI-V port, it requires that your computer has access 
to also the "Remote" CI-V port on the radio. It also requires "Radio" broadcast to be 
enabled in N1MM.


Björn SM7IUN