Program does not create N1MM+ folder in Documents

John Bednar



Follow these instructions.

Rename the program and user Logger+ directories.

Download the FullInstaller and the Latest Update, store on the computer hard disk.

With the computer is connected to the internet, run the FullInstaller, do NOT change the program and user directories this time.

When the FullInstaller completes, look at the exit message. Reboot the computer if instructed to do so.

Run the Latest Update program.

Start the program for the first time. Answer the station and start a new Logger+ database.

Exit the program.

Do not copy the N1MM Logger+.ini file(s) to the new user directory. It is OK to copy the database files when the program is not running.

John, K3CT

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well, subject basically tells all the story.

On my friends computer when doing fresh install, all the folders (UserDefinedContest etc) are in Documents folder, not in Documents\N1MM+ folder as normally.

install.log file attached.

No antivirus software installed on the machine.

Have no ideas what to try to make program install correctly?


73! de Norm