Possible Bug

Dennis W1UE

I've been working on some Telnet Filters for the upcoming CQWW contests,
and have noticed what seems to be a bug in the File Import sections of the
Telnet Window.

If I try to import a list of clusters, Telnet Window>Clusters Tab>Edit List
Button>File>Import, select a file and import it, it works about every other
time I do an import. The first time, it will keep the first entry in the old file
list; the second time, it will import the new file correctly.

Also, if I try to import new Telnet Window Button Selections, Telnet Window>
Right Click Telnet Buttons>File>Import, select a file and import it, it also
works about every other time. The first time, it will not replace the first line
of the old file, and I'll get an error stating there were more than 12 lines in the
file. Repeat the process, and it will import correctly.

I tried to do this this morning, and couldn't get the error, but it was persistent
the last several days as I was testing several filters.

Dennis W1UE