Mult Window - RM - #Show Calls worked and available -> Request #show


Open N1MM+ -> 2 Mult Windows -> some mults are shown.
Rightclick on one Mult (e.g. HZ) -> menu -> select "Show Calls worked and available"
This mult windows are placed on my second screen

This will open a new window - good.
Bad: standard this window will be active on the first main screen ("far away from the Multwindow")

Good: this window must be opened at the mousepointer

Bad: This window prevent me to go to the EW Window (I must close the "Show ..." Window first - ok if known, but maybe challenging for starter or during a contest (if this is really needed - I may not use it within a contest)


It is not a bug or FR - it maybe a nice to have for me and as "standard" a window, which is requested via "Rightclick" should be opened at the Mousepointer (exceptions are existing, but this other windows are not disturbing the EW window functionality)


Peter DF1LX