SO2R SSB Feature Suggestion

VE9AA - Mike

I don't do very much SSB SO2R, so maybe I missed a tick box or a dropdown or something somewhere, but is it possible please to have (scrolling?) text of some kind below the callsign entry box like there is in CW that tells me visually what is being "said" out over the air?

Obviously it can't tell me letter by letter like in CW, but even if just the Function key label (or a user configurable label) was displayed, that would be great !
Scrolling text would be awesome, (based on the length of the recording?) but I realize this may be an unreasonable ask.

I just got on briefly for NAQP SSB (taking a break now) and with me NOT listening to my outgoing audio on radio #1, I am never 100% sure if I have hit an incorrect key.

At least with CW, I can see the text scrolling by to insure everything going out is all OK, but on SSB (unless I've missed it), there is no way to know what's being sent. (unless you listen to your outgoing audio, which kinda defeats the purpose of SO2R, because it would be pretty hard to hear radio #2's receiver if you were listening to yourself in Radio #1's transmitter in a monitor-type function)

Thanks Dev team !


Mike VE9AA

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