Re: Why no N1MM Logger + folder during install?

Gary K9GS

Hi Dennis,

I got bit by onedrive after a windows update.  N1MM and my general logging program both got completely hosed up.  I tried to fix N1MM right before CQWW CW and limped through it. 

I ended up formatting the HD and reloading Windows. The first thing I did after that was uninstall onedrive. All is well now but took up most of a day even with good backups.

Best of luck...


Gary K9GS

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Date: 12/26/20 10:52 PM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: [N1MM+] Why no N1MM Logger + folder during install?

i got a new Win 10 computer. Tried installing N1MM and got bit by not noticing it was trying to use OneDrive. Turned off OneDrive and tried again. I told it to install to the Documents folder.  I had planned to copy all the files from my old computer to the new one but the N1MM files were scattered all over my Documents folder (not My Documents) and not in the expected N1MM Logger folder. This also occurred on my primary PC that has a small SSD for Windows and a regular HD for other user files. Why did N1MM not create the usual N1MM Logger + folder with all the sub-folders?

Where did I go wrong? Can I uninstall N1MM and try again?

Dennis WA5LXS 

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