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Kimo Chun

I jumped the gun.

SF Cable has a 1 ft. USB 2.0 A to B
SKU# UB12-01   no ferrite   $1.00  (yes)

I have purchased various cables or products from all though I've not specifically tested the Tripp-lite ferrite cables for their efficacy.

73, Kimo Chun KH7U

On Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 6:16 PM Kimo Chun <kimochun@...> wrote:
As I have used both short and ferrite type USB A to B and hadn't seen both in the same cable, I thought I'd search after seeing the digest today.
I didn't do an exhaustive search.
But I found (all USB 2.0):

Tripp-lite makes a 3 ft and 6 ft USB A to B with ferrite.
P/N U023-003   3 ft. with ferrite  $5.99 on Amazon Prime
P/N U023-006   6 ft. with ferrite  $6.00 on Amazon Prime

Tripp-Lite makes a 1 ft USB A to B no ferrite.
P/N UR022-001  1 ft  no ferrite   $   didn't check

L-com  Makes a 0.5 M USB A to B with ferrite.
P/N U2A00002-05M   0.5 meter with ferrite  $5.21  qty 1-9
It is also sold by Show Me Cables for the same price.
L-com owns them.

Belkin Pro Series has a 6 inch USB A to B 2.0 no ferrite.
From  $16.86
Perhaps Belkin is available elsewhere for less. I didn't look.

I've used a 6 inch USB for daily use with a portable CF card reader/dongle at work. Eventually, it went bad/ intermittent (as expected). A longer cable in flex service like that lasts much longer. In your station it may do fine.

L-Com also had an USB 2.0 A to MicroB with ferrites - 0.5 meter for $6.29 Qty 1-9. FWIW

End of search. I'm sure there's more out there.
The 3 who posted earlier should get my attachment.

73, Kimo Chun KH7U

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