Re: WSJT-X / N1MM+ with FT-857D

Rick Ellison

In the main N1MM config on the WSJT/JTDX tab do you have the Path and port numbers configured correctly?? My guess either in N1MM or WSJT you do not have the correct ports setup properly. When N1MM loads WSJT a TCP connection is started between the two programs. Since you do not get a green circle in WSJT the TCP connection is failing. If you send me screen shots of the N1MM WSJT tab and the Radio and reporting tabs in WSJT I should be able to tell you where your issue is. Send them directly to rellison@....


73 Rick N2AMG


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Sent: Saturday, November 21, 2020 11:23 PM
Subject: [N1MM+] WSJT-X / N1MM+ with FT-857D


I had this setup working for FT-8 several months ago but it won't work, now.  Today, I uninstalled both programs and downloaded the latest versions of both.  Independently, both programs are working, i.e., rig control and signal decoding.  However, I can not get WSJT-X to startup properly or control the rig from within N1MM+.

1) Open N1MM+, type FT8 in the callsign field.
2) After about 15 seconds WSJT-X opens, no spectrum display or signal decoding.
3) If I click on the Band dropdown and select a frequency, the spectrum display begins working and signals are decoded.
The Circle for CAT control next to the Band is Orange at first and later turns Red.  The frequency display is 0.000 000.  After several minutes, the WSJT-X Rig Control Error pops up.
WSJT-X is set to: DX Lab Suite Commander, N1MM+ is set to Yaesu FT-857 Com3.

I've ran out of ideas, is this an N1MM+ or WSJT-X issue (or both)?

Don / KW7R


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