Re: Rx QTC issue in WAE RTTY

Rick Ellison

Setting up 2 stations to talk back and forth is a good way to do but nothing beats real on air contacts.. Find someone that is near you and plug away and see how it goes and practice. There are 2 German stations that send back and forth to each other and test things out and let me know if they find anything wrong. The year that we converted to myself, Larry K8UT and Rich ve3ki tested the crap out of the wae contest and sending to ourselves and clicking on the received qtc, we thought we were ready to go. But the day of the contest things failed miserably. Once you add in the real time over the air contacts things just did not work right. It was a good learning experience…


73 Rick N2AMG


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I agree! We need a way to practice the QTC system BEFORE a contest; not wait until the actual contest to find out something needs adjusted, etc. Why can't we have a couple of practice runs like we do for other contests? Maybe a Monday and Thursday just before the contest. Heck, it wouldn't hurt to have one or two NOW, to test out our adjustments and new knowledge of QTC operation.  I'm setting up 2 stations at my location, running into dummy loads at low power, with 1 set up as a European ham, and of course my call on the other, so I can practice this very thing.


Who can organize such a thing?


David AD4TJ


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Thanks for the information that schooled me in the process. As many QTCs

I've sent in WAE CW there were some unexpected wrinkles to QTC ops in

RTTY. I can't wait to try them out. Maybe we could re-run the contest???



73, Vic W4VIC


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