Re: Rx QTC issue in WAE RTTY

Rick Ellison

When the RX QTC window opens you need to click on the QTC in the rx window to place it in the QTCWindow.
I would suggest you watch this video here that explains it all..

73 Rick N2AMG

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Gentlemen, my problem with QTC was on the RQTC end of things. Perhaps cockpit error, but the RQTC window came up on CTRL-Z but didn't populate. Data was saved in the D1 window but I didn't have the presence of mind to make a copy of it. I did try to type it in the QTC box manually but #10 wouldn't take the data. In futzing around I managed to mess up the #9 data boxes also. I don't have anything now to 'fix'.

I do NOT use fldigi, which some have accused of being the problem. I run latest version of N1MM+ stand alone.

I truly missed a lot of score because I neither received nor sent QTCs in this event. Gotta get a fix before next time!

73, Vic W4VIC

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