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Rick Ellison

When you Yellow pause bar did not turn off all you needed to do was click on it to turn it off then continue on with the rest of the QTC’s

So far I have not found any changes for why the pause bar did not turn off. It is turned on and off with every mouse click in the rx window. Most of the time the click is done in milliseconds and your eye does not notice the color change of the pause bar.


When you send ENTERLF you are adding an extra linefeed to each line. There is nothing wrong with that and is what I send most of the time it adds an extra space in between QTC but if you are using a short window then the qtc will scroll off the screen much faster..


73 Rick n2AMG


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Sent: Monday, November 16, 2020 10:55 AM
Subject: Re: [N1MM+] QTC's issue



My pause problem occured like this.

1)  I agree to RX QTC

2) DX starts sending.  Header and first Q has been sent and scrolling is on.

3) I click on the header...maybe twice in order to get it to populate the RQTC window.

4) With my mouse pointer hovering over the header line, I wait for the 1st Q to scroll up.  When it does, I click on it but do not move the mouse otherwise. 

5) I click on each subsequent Q, but suddenly, the yellow pause bar lights up.  I figure I've done something wrong, but can't figure it out!  Hope you can!!


A second problem but on SQTCs.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that over 90% of the time I had requests to resend a Q.  Number 10 was always on the list and very frequently it was the only requested repeat.  After reading the comments in this series of emails,  I opened the QTC Window and looked at the RTTY Setup tab.  Under SQTC Messages, the Send All Ending:  Originally it was {ENTER}QSL?? BK DE {MyCall} K  I've changed it to start {ENTERLF} thinking that the LF time might give the receiving station a clear read of #10.  Will this work, or is there something else that needs doing?



Ken - K4XL


On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 10:28 AM Rick Ellison <rellison@...> wrote:

Those of you that had pausing issues what window type are you using Scrolling or Non-Scrolling??


I’m trying to find why the pause if not returning to false . Every time a mouse down event happens in the rx windows the pause is turned on and when the mouse up event happens the pause is turned off. I need to find why it’s not turning off like it should…

73 Rick N2AMG


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Subject: Re: [N1MM+] QTC's issue


Thanks Peter & GU0SUP

About DI window paused, this is new for me and hope to

be corrected in the future, because isn't rare that we need

to work with RX QTC after finishing the operation.

But yeap, I had the problem only 4 or 5 times during those

700 received QTC's, when the TX station was under QSB 

or other problems.

Thank you so much everybody, and congratulations to all

the guys involved with N1MM+ development. I will be

N1MM+ user forever.


Bye bye   [PY2NY]





PY2NY / SP9NY / V26NY  - Vitor Luis Aidar dos Santos




Em dom., 15 de nov. de 2020 às 19:59, Peter Krüger <pkfalkensee@...> escreveu:

The DI-window is "paused" - you see a yellow part in the left - then you are not able to click on the lines and fill the QTCs lines.
The logging window must be scrolling - and not paused - I had this one time but after activating the scrolling everything worked as expected.

My challenge was, that GRITTY could not decode the time when a N1MM user send QTCs - only MMTTY could do it - that was challenging :)
N1mm+Toolbox -> see at




Ken - K4XL
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