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Rick Ellison

Phil and All..

The means of clicking has not changed in the program in more than 10 years. So nothing has changed from one year to another. When you click in the window and the program is in RQTC mode it selects the entire line that the mouse is over when the mouse up event happens it then passes that line that it selected over to the QTC Window to be processed. SO I'm not understanding a difference in mouse clicks unless Microsoft has changed something in the back end.

The new thing is why the pause if not turning off When the mouse is down it pauses the window from receiving any data so the line does not move. On the Mouse up event the pause is turned off. (At least that’s the way it work when working correctly.

What window type are you using Scrolling or Non-Scrolling???

I have just uploaded changes that stops the clearing of the rx window when sending qtc. It was a test point I had set to make sure a point in the send routine was being hit. I failed to remove it..

I also just uploaded changes for the Fldigi users that on my system corrects the problem with the QTC's being sent on one line. Fldigi does not send a CR in its text output. So I had to add some code to change over from the expected CR's to use just LineFeeds when Fldigi is loaded...

73 Rick N2AMG

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Rick and the gang,

I use MMTTY in D1 and a secondary decode screen of 2Tone.

I noticed that on a few occasions, the D1 window would freeze (yellow sidebar) as soon as I had received the header, but it wasn't consistent.
When I had received QTC's, I did notice that I had to click on the very first letter of QTC 26/10, rather than on the number.

On a couple of occasions when receiving QTC, I wanted to freeze the window, and in the D1 MMTTY window, this worked, but I was unable to freeze the secondary window. Clicking on the sidebar turned it yellow, but as soon as new text arrived, it unfroze automatically.

Witjh the QTC QSO data, I am sure I was previously able to click anywhere on the line to get it to populate the QTC window, but using this latest version, I had to click at the very start of the line, or it would not populate.

When you look at the code, is there a way to stop it clearing the RX window when sending QTC's? It was OK on receive, but when I sent some, it was a pain to see the RX window go blank. For me, this was because there was someone else calling me just before, and I wanted to see the call again, to make sure I had entered it right.

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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Those of you that had pausing issues what window type are you using Scrolling or Non-Scrolling??

I’m trying to find why the pause if not returning to false . Every time a mouse down event happens in the rx windows the pause is turned on and when the mouse up event happens the pause is turned off. I need to find why it’s not turning off like it should…

73 Rick N2AMG

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Thanks Peter & GU0SUP

About DI window paused, this is new for me and hope to

be corrected in the future, because isn't rare that we need

to work with RX QTC after finishing the operation.

But yeap, I had the problem only 4 or 5 times during those

700 received QTC's, when the TX station was under QSB

or other problems.

Thank you so much everybody, and congratulations to all

the guys involved with N1MM+ development. I will be

N1MM+ user forever.

Bye bye [PY2NY]





PY2NY / SP9NY / V26NY - Vitor Luis Aidar dos Santos

Em dom., 15 de nov. de 2020 às 19:59, Peter Krüger < <> > escreveu:

The DI-window is "paused" - you see a yellow part in the left - then you are not able to click on the lines and fill the QTCs lines.
The logging window must be scrolling - and not paused - I had this one time but after activating the scrolling everything worked as expected.

My challenge was, that GRITTY could not decode the time when a N1MM user send QTCs - only MMTTY could do it - that was challenging :)
N1mm+Toolbox -> see at

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