Re: ODP: [N1MM+] WAE RTTY QTC Receiving Problem In DI Windows

Jim W7RY

In my opinion... the pause routine in the di window needs work.  Been kinda flakey for around a year.

Thanks and 73 W7RY
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On Mon, Nov 16, 2020, 8:16 AM ve3ki <ve3iay@...> wrote:
There is a green or yellow bar at the left of the DI window. When it is green, the DI window is displaying received text as it comes in and scrolling upwards or wrapping around depending on the scrolling setting. When it is yellow, the DI window is frozen - the purpose is to give you a chance to prevent text from scrolling off the window before you can click on it. You can change it from green to yellow, or vice versa, by clicking on the bar. If it is yellow, when you click on it the bar will change to green, the received text that was being buffered while it was yellow will be displayed, and the text will resume scrolling normally from there.

The exact location of the mouse pointer when you click on the mouse is important. If you click near the left edge of the DI window, the mouse position may be detected as being in the green/yellow bar instead of in the text, and in that case it is interpreted as a freeze/unfreeze command, not as clicking on text. Therefore you should avoid clicking close to the left edge of the window. Also, you must click within the text; clicking nearby but not actually in the text might not work. If your eyesight is not quite as good as it used to be, you may have a bit of trouble knowing exactly when the mouse pointer is inside the text. Enlarging the font might help. Incidentally, this is why it is a good idea to send leading zeros in serial numbers in RTTY. It is a lot easier to click somewhere in 001 than it is in just 1 with no leading zeros.

Whether the other station's call sign appears in the QTC header or not is not important on its own. The header number for each QTC is stored in the log without the call sign, since the call sign is already in another field in the log. The Cabrillo file is created based on what is in the log, not on what was displayed in the DI window or QTC window.

Rich VE3KI

On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 08:22 AM, Andy VA3PL wrote:
Hi There
I experiance exactly the same problem. RX window freezes and my remedy for this was to click on yellow wertical bar number of times.
Also clicking on QTC number will not transfer heather to QTX RX window. On occasion multiple clisk will transwer QTC heather to QTC RX window.
Andy SP9KR

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Temat: [N1MM+] WAE RTTY QTC Receiving Problem In DI Windows
  Using N1MM, MMTTY, and 2Tone. When receiving QTCs, sometimes the DI windows would freeze immediately after receiving the header, and not unfreeze until the QSO was over, so it was impossible to click on each QTC as it was received. I would have to scramble and try to go back to the beginning of their transmission and manually populate the QTC form to get credit for them( I assume I did get credit!?! ).
  And at other times, clicking on the header WOULD NOT transfer to the QTC box. Manually entering the info was necessary. And on that note, sometimes( all the time? ) the header would be " QTC 22/10 " or whatever the totals were; sometimes the other stations call would be included, and sometimes not. Is this by design? The call is included ONLY when I am sending QTCs, correct?
  This was only my 2nd WAE RTTY. Pretty good conditions on 20, only had 14 Qs on 15, nada heard on 10.
  TS-2000X, KPA-500, 50-350 watts, TA-33 at 20 feet fixed at 30 degrees, 35' tall Inverted L.
  380 Qs, 455 QTCs, 270 Ms, 225,450 claimed score. 16 hours 37 minutes
David AD4TJ

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