Re: Rx QTC issue in WAE RTTY

Rick Ellison

Enter the callsign of the station you were working in the entry window and then press CTRL-Z to open the RX QTC window. Now manually fill in all the boxes including the header and click save when you get done. They should all be saved to the log.

I would also like to see the screen shot you made. I am guessing you had problem because the QTC's ran together on one line.

73 Rick N2AMG

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I am able to send QTC fine.

Both times receiving QTCs in WAE I can click on the header and it populates but no QTCs populate the individual QTC blocks. I stopped receiving qtcs after this. When clicking on a QTC it tells me format is incorrect. I have the original QSOs for each QTC block so I can find where to add them for the appropriate calls. I did a screen copy of the info so I have the QTC info. This all worked last time in WAE RTTY.

Can this info be entered manually into the QTC window and have it enter the log, which doesn't seem to work unless it's me. Any ideas to get these Rx QTCs into the log?

I will try putting the qtc info into the rx txt window and see if it imports, and trying to edit the cabrilo and adi logs. If the adi edit works i may be able to import it into N1MM to rescore and reprint cabrillo.

N1MM+ 1.0.8718 11/10/2020
FLDigi 1 ver 4.1.4
Elecraft K3s



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