Re: staiton stays blue for some time when worked.

Timon Kruijer

Hi Rich,


When I tune away and I come back it is still there. When I want to work the station again it’s a dupe hi.


I already made a ticket after the sac contest.

There must be more with this issue I think.


73 Timon PA1T



Van: <> Namens Pete Smith
Verzonden: zaterdag 24 oktober 2020 23:57
Onderwerp: Re: [N1MM+] staiton stays blue for some time when worked.


I think I, at least, need clarification.  When this happens, is it when you have pulled a callsign into the Entry window from either the Available window or the Bandmap?  What if you work a person who is blue in either window, but where you type the callsign in the Callsign textbox by hand?  I have not seen this behavior in weekly CWTs, though there are occasionally other anomalies in getting a clicked call into the Callsign textbox.

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 10/24/2020 5:32 PM, ve3ki wrote:

What happens if you tune away and then tune back (maybe by swapping VFOs and then immediately swapping back)? Does that cause the colour to change more quickly? It might be the act of re-drawing the bandmao that triggers a colour change.

Rich VE3KI

On Sat, Oct 24, 2020 at 05:08 PM, Timon Kruijer wrote:



I did not time it but at least 5 minuts.

73 Timon PA1T


Op za 24 okt. 2020 22:00 schreef Andy (KU7T) <ku7t@...>:

How long does it take to turn gray?



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Subject: [N1MM+] staiton stays blue for some time when worked.




When I work a station normally that station should be grey immediately. Now it will go to grey but that takes some time.

Is a there a reason for?  Or what is wrong?


73 Timon PA1T




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