Re: Callsign Voicing? My N1MM+ Doesn't Read

Doug Jones

Using this folder structure for voicing files:
  • ...Documents\N1MM+ Logger\Wav
    • AF4T [Exchange.WAV, etc. are here]
    • LettersFiles
      • AF4T [Number and letter .WAVs are here]
I think the numbers and letters are where they are supposed to be, or at least N1MM+ doesn't complain that any of them are missing.  But I get the same result with the letter and number .WAV files anywhere in this folder structure, though.

don't have any numbers .WAV files other than 0 through 9.  No 100s or hundreds.

(Note: I have a Wav subdirectory in the N1MM+ program directory also, it had two files Assist.wav and Empty.wav.  I even dropped a NTFS junction to the two subfolders in the N1MM+ Logger %USERPROFILE%\Documents folder, still no luck.)

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