Re: Can't Open Com5 for Radio Commands


The frequency in the title bar of the N1MM program does change when I move the tuning knob on the radio.  The indicator in the band map also moves too.

Menu #40 Cat RTS is set to Enable.  The RTS pull down in Config --> Harware  .... Com5 is set to Handhake.

Chuck K9LC

On 9/29/2020 9:05 PM, ve3ki wrote:
You can send commands to the radio, but can the radio send information to the program? If you change frequency using the radio's tuning knob, does the frequency displayed in the program change?

Depending on the menu settings in the radio, the radio may need a handshaking signal on RTS on COM5 in order to respond to queries from the program. See <>.

Rich VE3KI

On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 08:46 PM, chuck.gooden wrote:
I am getting an error message when ever I change bands using the band
selector buttons in the main window.  When I click on a band to change
to a new ham band, an error window appears and says "Can't Open Com5 for
Radio Commands".  However even though the error message is display, my
FTDX3000 does in fact change bands and displays the last frequency that
I used on that band. This occurs before I click the OK button to dismiss
the error window.

The RTTY engine window also appears to freeze until I click the OK
button.  The MTTY is using Com3 to send FSK data to the radio. The other
com port being used is Com4 which is used to Key the rig for CW.

I can click on call signs in the band map window and the frequency
changes with out an error message so the com5 appears to be working and
controlling the radio correctly.

I would like to get this fixed as it is an annoyance, although minor. 
Any ideas why this is occurring and how do I fix it?

The issue is also in the new version of N1MM that I upgraded to today. 
It was also seen a while back too but I lived with it and did not report it.

Chuck K9LC

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