Re: CQ WW RTTY Contest ADIF Logs

Phil Cooper

Hi Ed,


After running through the process, and getting to the bit where it produces the Cabrillo file, I noted that DX (ie non-US/VE stations) were correctly identified as DX, but it also put DX against all my US/VE contacts too.


From what I could see, it asks for a sample of the CQ Zone, and a sample of the "Received Location", but the choices available don't seem to cater for what N1MM produces in the ADIF file, which is (for example) <STATE:2>MA.


If I choose the default of AUTO:DX it places DX against all US/VE calls, rather than the State, as per the instructions. However, I note that it says " Select ADIF field that contains received State/Province", but I can't seem to navigate to anything other than the first contact in the ADIF file.


73 de Phil GU0SUP




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We’ve added an ADIF Converter webpage to the CQ WW RTTY Contest website and would like to test it with some N1MM+ Logger ADIF logs.  Please export an ADIF of your log from last weekend and email it to me.  Or, if you’d like, try the converter yourself.




One concern is whether the QTH exchange field is provided (US state, VE area or ‘DX’).





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