Re: N1MM Logger+ End of Beta Announcement

barry whittemore

Thanks to you and your team Tom, The time you guys spend on it must be a burden. It is appreciated.
see you in the pileups.

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Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 06:56:38 -0400
Subject: [N1MMLoggerplus] N1MM Logger+ End of Beta Announcement

Thanks to all of you who have completed the N1MM+ Readiness Survey. The
results revealed the following:
A strong majority are using N1MM+ and have stopped using N1MM Classic
Only a handful are still using N1MM Classic
About 25% listed Features or Bugs that you considered essential for
N1MM+ to be ready. But there are no duplicates on that list - each
involves a different aspect of the logging program.

Based on your input, the Development Team has decided to remove the "beta"
designator from N1MM Logger Plus program. For the next week we will focus
our development efforts on resolving the essential items that you listed in
the survey. However in addition to your essential items, we recognize that
there are some features of the program where continued testing is still
needed, and where you should exercise caution and advance experimentation
before running an important contest. In particular:

* RTTY contesting and the DI window
* Multi-computer networked operation (partner mode, passing stations, and
inter-station functions)
* Spot colors across all windows
* SO2R features
* Scoring
* Performance

Thanks to all of you who have devoted so much time and energy to Beta
testing the program during these last 6 months. Your participation has
resulted in a better and more reliable product for all of us.

- Tom - N1MM

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