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Knut Meland

Thanks, John.

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To use the concatenating audio player your wav file parameters need to be identical. This is the audit of the necessary parameters and the necessary files for voicing callsigns.


It is not necessary to sample the wav files at 44 kHz. The radio bandwidth is approximately 3 KHz so sampling the audio at 8 kHz is more than adequate. It also will reduce the size of the files and reduce the amount of data that your computer needs to send to the sound card.  I would use 16 bit PCM, 8 kHz, 1 channel.


You can use Audacity to make the level the same and resample. You want to use at least 70% - 80% of the dynamic range of the audio codec.


John, K3CT



From: [] On Behalf Of Knut Meland
Sent: Friday, July 17, 2020 2:34 PM
Subject: [N1MM+] WAv-file audit results


Having opened Config/Logger Audio Setup/Monitor I can see a list: Wav File Audit Results.
I get a long list, stating lines like
Unique format file: CQ.Wav - 16 bit PCM: 8kHz 1 channels
Others are 16 bit 44kHz
Then i get a Missing File Check telling about a missing file. 
Finally a line: Correct these wav file issues.
And here is the question:
What are the correct values for the Wav files?
Can i make them right in Audacity and then re-record on the fly?
I can't see this mentioned in the help files (Ihamdoc).

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