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Gary K9GS


Where do you live?  I didn't catch your callsign so no way to look you up.

Perhaps someone living nearby can stop by and help you out?


Gary K9GS

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Thanks Charles,


     I am my own worst critic, at age 72 I am still trying to learn.


     I have the WinKey test downloaded, my TS-590S is com port 5, the WinKeyer is on com port 3, additionally, when I try to test the Winkeyer on com 3 it comes up in the majority of tries as “error, port open”, I hit the test button a couple of times and all of a sudden it opens the Winkeyer and I am able to read from it!  When I ‘m done I hit exit and usually I get the error message again, I cannot figure out why the ports are either so slow in closing or what is causing them to hang.


73 John

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