Re: Networking problem

Gordon LaPoint

    I have not used this configuration previously.
I am using OpenVPN for both server and client.  The server runs on a linux system at the remote site. Each client is running the openvpn GUI client V11.13.0.0
I tried without and with the address of the server in the >Network Status>Actions>Edit address table.
I don't expect each client to see the other client, just the server site.
I did not see the Zoom teleconference about this.
I think you understand our architecture correctly except we are using one radio, remotely, logging at each operators location.
We are operating a remote site using RCForb software, so the same radio operated by each operator, at different times.

I will try again with the version 1.0.8317.

Gordon - N1MGO

On 4/30/2020 20:36 PM, Larry K8UT wrote:

See my reply in this thread to KG5VK. Do I understand your architecture correctly?

Had this configuration been running previously? What remote software are you using? Which VPN client? Are you manually adding the Name and IP Address of your site into the >Network Status >Actions >Edit Computer Addresses table?

If this configuration had not been used previously, or not since updating Windows 10, check the Windows Firewall settings to ensure that you have allowed N1MM+ through the Public firewall. Details on how to do that are in the VPN document here:

-larry (K8UT)

Finally - the new auto-configure routines added since version 1.0.8317 may have busted your specific software combination. If you are still stuck could you experiment by reverting to 1.0.8317 to see if that connects to your remote site?

-larry (K8UT)

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