Re: "COM14 not functioning"

Steve London

You won't like this answer, either....

It means N1MM+ got a System.IO.IOException when we asked Microsoft to open the serial port.

According to the MS documentation, it occurs when the serial port is in an invalid state.

Steve, N2IC

On 04/30/2020 04:09 PM, Skip wrote:
Can someone tell me what this error notice really means?  COM14 is one of the 4 RRC1258 virtual ports, it is RRC COM1 and handles the CAT connection to the remote K3.  The notice comes up the first time right after the N!MM+ splash screen appears, and then comes up two more times as N1MM initializes and the windows appear.
Windows tells me that all the USB COM ports are working fine. I've done all the usual [reboot, remove all the USB-reboot-reinsert USB, try different USB sockets] with no change.  Rebooting the RRC1258 doesn't fix it either.
Usually, when something is wrong with the CAT connection, N1MM+ comes up and eventually gives me the lost radio contact, retry? notice.  That never happens now.
Fred ["Skip"] K6DGW
Sparks NV DM09dn
Washoe County

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