Re: Missing Multipliers - Florida QSO Party

John Bednar



If anyone edited a QSO after logging you need to rescore.

The rescore button is on the bottom of Score window.


Dupes are not included in the Score window.


Make sure your ARRL Section is correct in the Station Window.


If you can’t figure it out, exit the program and direct email me your database.


John, K3CT



From: [] On Behalf Of Norman Alexander
Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2020 4:14 PM
Subject: [N1MM+] Missing Multipliers - Florida QSO Party


I participated in the Florida QSO Party in special category called Virtual Mobile where several of us operated with a common Station Call, but from different Counties all at different one hour periods.  I  created a New Log, using the QSO Party format and operating in State.  
The problem - The Scoring tally does not show the correct QSO count (it is less) then are listed in the log, and NO multiplier count is listed - thus no Score
Further, the Cabrillo file does show the correct number of QSO's, but does not list the State of the stations work, the RST report is there, but not the Multiplier/State

Examining the log in ADIF format, all the information is present, correct QSO count, and in the <APP_N1MM_EXCHANGE1  all the States or DX PFX are listed.
I have no idea how the CABRILLO file or the Scoring window processes the log data so at a loss of where to look -
Looking for answers to my question - "Now what do I do?"
Norm W4QN

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