Re: GAQP W4AN not showing as worked?

VE9AA - Mike

H John and Gary

I'm not in the shack, but I'd say my experience mirrors Gary\s to a "T".
I can double check tonight, but I don't think I was using a call history file (unless it was preloaded automatically-I didn't set it myself)


Mike VE9AA

On Mon, Apr 13, 2020 at 11:33 AM, Gary K9GS wrote:
Hi John,
I was using spots from VE7CC which included skimmer.
When I first worked W4NT all worked normally. Then there must have been a subsequent spot and W4NT was shown in the band map in blue.  I even listened thinking they might have been in a different county since they were a distributed multi , but the county was the same as before.
On different bands it was the same thing..W4NT was always blue in the band map regardless of band. I worked W4NT on several bands.
I did work W4NT on different bands in different counties.  I think that they may have been on different bands and in different countys at the same time.
I was not using a preloaded call history file.
W4NT was the only station I noticed with this behavior. Yeah..odd I know.
Does any of this help?
Gary K9GS

Mike VE9AA

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