Re: all data has disappeared


It sounds as if you have an older 32-bit operating system. If it's WIndows 7 or older, you might want to consider upgrading to Windows 10 at some point, but for now, let's focus on N1MM+.

We don't know whether the problem was in your ini file, in your database, a transient problem in the computer, a loose connector, or what. The sure path to success is not to flail around trying things at random and hoping to get lucky. That runs the risk of making things worse. Instead, let's go at things systematically.

First, do a physical check on all of the connectors between your radio, any interfaces, external equipment like sound cards, keyers, etc., and the computer. Make sure all the connections are solid. If you had not done anything else yet, you could simply retry the software now, but since you have made changes since then, we need to be more systematic.

Open Windows File Manager. Under View choose Details. Then, still under View, choose Options, Change folder and search options. This should open a dialog window with three tabs: General, View and Search. Select the View tab. There is a box called "Advanced settings" with a long list of check boxes in it. Half a dozen or so lines down the list, there is a check box called "Hide extensions for known file types". Make sure that check box is *not* checked - that's the only way to be sure you are seeing complete file names that are displayed the same way on everyone's computer.

Now move to the Documents\N1MM Logger+ folder. You should see a file there called n1mm logger,ini . There are probably also files with longer names, like n1mm logger.ini.Sunday.bak and so on, but the one we want is the one with the simple name. Right-click on that file, select Rename from the popup menu, and then without erasing the rest of the file name, tack something like ".suspect" (without the quotation marks) onto the end of the file name. This will guarantee that if the problem was in your ini file, it won't stop you from restarting the program, but later if it turns out the problem was somewhere else, it will be easier to find the original ini file and restore it.

OK, since you uninstalled the program, you are going to have to reinstall it. Go to the N1MM+ web site and download the full installer file (N1MM Logger+ FullInstaller 1.0.7711.exe). It doesn't matter much where you put it, since you are only going to run it once. Do that - run the installer program, choosing the default options along the way. I believe the full installer will ask you to restart the computer at the end of the installation. Do that, but after it has restarted, do not try to run N1MM+ yet. First, download the latest update file from the N1MM+ web site (right now, that is N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.8293 (April 7, 2020)). Run the updater to update the program. This time you can let it start the program automatically, or if it doesn't, you can use the shortcut on the Desktop or in your Start menu to start the program.

You are starting with a brand-new ini file, so you will have to enter some configuration information. I believe the first step will be station information. The bare minimum you need to enter here is your station call sign and your ARRL section. You can enter the rest of the station information now, or leave it until a bit later.

At the next step, the program will give you a dialog window with three choices: Convert an existing .mdb database (not relevant; this is for upgrading from N1MM Logger Classic); Create a new N1MM Logger+ database (usually the best choice); or Open an existing N1MM Logger+ database (if you knew your database was OK, you could use this, but at this point you don't know that yet). Choose the Create a new database option. Give the new database a new name, such as WA2OAX_New.s3db . This will be a known-good database, but with no QSO data in it.

You should now have a working installation of N1MM+. What it is missing is your old log data and your station configuration information. Let's see if we can recover the log data first. In N1MM+, use the "File > Open database" menu item. See if you can find your old database (it might be called ham.s3db, or WA2OAX.s3db, or maybe some other name you gave it when you created it - just don't select a database whose name starts with N1MM, or with Do-Not_Use_...). Select the database file and click on Open to open it.

Did that work? If it did, your database is OK. The problem may have been in your ini file, or it may have been some transient issue that has hopefully gone away now. If opening the old database file did not work correctly, your old database has been corrupted. In this second case, you can get back to the previous step by closing down N1MM+, using File Manager to go to the Documents\N1MM Logger+ folder and deleting the n1mm logger.ini file (it's a new almost empty ini file, so you are not losing anything). Then start the program, and this time when given the three choices, choose the Open an existing database option and choose the new WA2OAX_New.s3db file to open. This will get you back to where you were before trying to open your old database,

The next steps depend on what happened with your old database, so I'm going to stop here until we find out whether your old database was OK or not.

Rich VE3KI

On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 11:49 PM, Ira Lipton wrote:
p.s. I did locate the program files in C:\Program Files

From: "Ira Lipton" <wa2oax@...>
Sent: Sunday, April 12, 2020 11:39 PM
Subject: Re: [N1MM+] all data has disappeared
Many thanks for the response Rich. I don't recall the exact error message, but I believe it was something like "an error has occurred ; N1MM+ may have been corrupted. Restart the program. If the error recurs contact the program administrator." 
I did, apparently erroneously, click on the latest N1MM+ update in the uninstall program.
I did find the N1MM+ folder in my documents folder which contains 39 subfolders. I backed up the folder, but will make sure the subfolders were backed up as well. I have not located the program files.

From: "ve3ki" <ve3iay@...>
Sent: Sunday, April 12, 2020 11:07 PM
Subject: Re: [N1MM+] all data has disappeared
"all data has disappeared": Look in your Documents folder for an N1MM Logger+ folder. If that folder is still there, your data has not disappeared. Make a backup copy of the entire folder for safekeeping before doing anything else.

It would be helpful to know the complete contents of the error message that instructed you to restart the program. If it was a legitimate message, it is unlikely that it instructed you to restart the program without telling you at least something about the cause of the problem.

"after several tries": What exactly did you do during those tries? Either your computer has a virus that is deleting or hiding files, or you did something to delete the shortcut from your desktop.

If you looked in the "Uninstall" Control Panel and clicked on the program name, then you may have uninstalled the program. That removes the program from the Windows Registry and removes shortcuts to it from the Desktop and the Start menu, i.e it uninstalls it from your computer. It does not remove the data.

"I did find the program files": Where, i.e. what is the full path name of the folder or directory you found? The actual program folder is in C:\Program Files (x86) on most recent (64-bit Windows 10) computers, or in C:\Program Files on older 32-bit operating systems. The data files are stored elsewhere, usually in your Documents folder in a subfolder called N1MM Logger+. Does the folder you found contain several subfolders (CallHistoryFiles, Databases, Diagnostics, ExportFiles, ...) plus some files like n1mm logger.ini, n1mm logger.ini.Sunday.bak, n1mm logger.ini.Saturday.bak, and so on? If so, that is not the program folder, it is your user files, where all your data is stored. Make a backup copy of the entire folder, including subfolders, for safekeeping before doing anything else. 

Come back with as many answers as you can to the questions above and we can go from there.

Rich VE3KI

On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 09:52 PM, Ira Lipton wrote:
I received an error message at N1MM+ startup instructing me to restart the program. After several tries the program seems to have disappeared from my desktop. I initially looked in the "uninstall" control panel file and only found the latest update. I clicked on it hoping that was the source of the error. N1MM+ and N1MM rotor then both disappeared from my desktop. I did find the program files after doing a search. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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