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NA3M Nick


Special country file needed
The Gagarin Cup contest uses a special country list. In order to score properly, you need to import that country list into the database you will be using. First download the file by selecting the >Files >Additional Support Files menu on the N1MM Logger+ web page and copying the file Cty-CQM.dat to your N1MM Logger+ user directory. Then, from the Tools menu in the N1MM Logger+ program, select Import Country List from Downloaded File, and select the special Cty-CQM.dat file. Import it, and you’re good to go.

After the contest, don’t forget to re-import the wl_cty.dat file to restore the normal country list.

If you discover after the contest that you skipped this step, just be sure to submit your log in Cabrillo format, and the organizers will re-score it for you. Alternatively, you can import this special country list and re-score the contest (Tools > Rescore), but if you do that be sure to back up the database first, just in case.



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If you go to the "Supported Contests List" web page in the manual and have your browser do a search for "Gagarin" (spelled correctly - but actually "gag" is all you need to type in) you will find it.

Rich VE3KI

On Sat, Apr 11, 2020 at 01:47 PM, Robert G Strickland wrote:

Is there a template for the Russian Yuri Gagarian CW dx contest? Starts
this late afternoon. As I like to say... plan ahead /:-(
Robert G Strickland, PhD ABPH - KE2WY
Syracuse, New York, USA


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