Re: Grab M&Q for second radio

John Bednar


No. I will consider the addition.

It may be hard to find an unused pair of keystrokes.


John, K3CT


From: [] On Behalf Of Kevan Nason
Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 10:30 AM
Subject: [N1MM+] Grab M&Q for second radio


Is there a way to pull the next spotted station from a SORTED Mult & Q Window and put it into the non-focus radio Entry Window while keeping transmit focus in the run radio's Entry Window? Looking for something like CTRL+SHIFT+UP/DWN ARROW, but that command only gets next station up or down in FREQ regardless of how the M&Q window is sorted. There doesn't seem to be a command similar to ALT+A that will pull next station into 2nd Entry Window from the M&Q field. Tried changing receive focus to R2 while R1 is transmitting and then using ALT+A to populate R2's Entry Window, but that didn't work.

- Triband Beam with triplexer pointed to EU
- M&Q window showing calls R2 assigned to that are sorted by direction
- Want to pull stations from the sorted M&Q window to 2nd radio entry field that are within tribanders beam width. Currently just cycling through spots by freq until find someone to work. (Yes, when I run out of spots to work I do actually turn the VFO knob and find someone I can hear.) 

Kevan N4XL

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