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John Bednar



I spent a couple of hours on this and I believe the RTTY frequency is being corrupted by the USB frequency.

I have verified that the 20m RTTY frequency is saved in the database on exit correctly and loaded correctly from the database at startup. There are pieces to this puzzle.


I will look at this when I get time.


John, K3CT




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Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 11:39 AM
Subject: Re: [N1MM+] band button in entry window, fixed


Good morning to all.

First I would like to say Thank You to everyone who has worked on this condition.

This morning I updated N1MM Logger + to version 1.0.8280.0
I am afraid that I have to say that the problem still exists, and rather than have everyone sorting through all the messages, I will start again from the beginning.

Computer information is as follows:

Core i7   3.2 GHz
Windows 10 Pro  Version 1909 - last updated 3-26-2020

The troublesome condition that exists is the 20 meter button in the Band Panel.

If you use the N1MM program, it is supposed to save the last used frequency, per band and mode, in the Band Panel.

It will do this unless you have the Bandmap window open

I will now give you the snips of the Entry Window and the last used frequencies with only the following windows used with N1MM open

Entry Window
Digital Interface Window
Score Summary

The radio is CAT controlled and follows the program, and the program also follows the radio, if mode or frequency on the radio is changed, the program reflects the changes.

The contest is the BARTGSRTTY Spring HF contest

The log is a new one and does not have any contacts in it.

The following is the setup in config

Now, with this setup, the program, N1MM, remembers the last used frequency, by band and mode.
And, it will remember the frequency even if you shut down and restart N1MM.

The following are the snips of each band as set to the last used frequency

Now, if I open the Bandmap window, all the "last used frequencies" will still be intact as above.


BUT, if, with the Bandmap window OPEN, I close N1MM and re-open the program, I get the following:

Please note, the now indicated, previously remembered frequency for 20 meters.  It has changed to 14.200.

And the only thing different is that the Bandmap window is now open when N1MM is shut down and restarted.

The Radio has been set to 80 meters for this entire exercise, that is, after the last worked frequencies for each band were created.

It seems odd that it is only the 20 meter band, of the 5 that I tested, that has this anomaly.

Thanks to all who have a hand in working on this situation.

73 de WA3ZSC - Jerry

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