Bill N4iQ


I have two SDRPlay receivers.  One is a RSP1A and the other is a RSP2.  Both are working fine when I run two simultaneous  instances of HDSDR - each one tuned by a separate SO2R Radio.  I have been trying to get the N1MM Spectrum Display to work with one spectum Display window using the RSP2 and the other display using the RSP1A.

When I have one N1MM spectrum display up and running, I see both the RSP1 and RSP2 showing in the I/Q tab and I can select either one.  Either one will work fine.

Problem:  If I use the RSP2  (or visa versa) for the first display, the one display works.  If I then try to use the RSP1A in the second display (note: the RSP1A is showing in black in the IQ tab), I get an error message when I select the source as"I/Q via ExtIO.dll".   The error message says  "Failed to find available RSP1A".      What am I doing wrong?   I would appreciate any suggestions.

Presently, to get around this problem by using WaterFall Band map with the RSP1A., which works.   I would rather use the RSP1A directly into the spectrum display if possible.

Thanks    Bill N4iQ

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