Re: Spot S&P QSOs greyed out

Jeff (NT1K)

I recalled the radio in the config panel and it now works. I knew it was something simple. Thanks Tom, Al and all.
Not sure what exactly caused it. In SmartSDR CAT v3.1.8 I have a (virtual) port dedicated to N1MM and wasn't running any other software that would take up a virtual port (DX Keeper, JTDX, etc.)

- Jeff (NT1K)

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Further, “no radio” is defined as not having a COM port defined. I know little about Flex, but this may be the case for them.  Might be an unintended bug. I’ll let one of the other team members chime in that knows more about Flex.





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Subject: Re: [N1MM+] Spot S&P QSOs greyed out


That option is disabled if there is no radio defined for the focus window.





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Subject: [N1MM+] Spot S&P QSOs greyed out



Dabbled in WPX SSB this past weekend and I wanted to spot my S&P contacts to the cluster. However in N1MM+, it was greyed out.
I was able to spot using the "spot it" button on the main panel but I'd prefer it to be done automatically.

I was connected to the cluster (ve7cc), I was able to see traffic and do sh/dx  and I made sure my log said that I was running assisted.
I couldn't figure out how to enable it.

any help would be appreciated.


Jeff (NT1K)

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