Re: band button in entry window, fixed


Hi Mike,

No, I do not think that this is a serious problem, but I appreciate that you took time to reply,

This entry of mine was not to make this seem like a serious problem.

As I had said previously, now that I know how to  avoid it, by shutting down the Bandmap prior to shutting down N1MM, it will not cause me any more grief.

However, having said that, I did want to let the development team know that the problem was not solved, and to ensure that I had adequately described the problem without ambiguity in case anyone else thought that this was just a small indication of a larger problem.

As  far as I am concerned I will not pursue it any further.

Thanks to all for all the hard work that is done on this project, and I, with my simple setup, will continue to enjoy the contests and the ease with which a contest can be conducted using N1MM Logger.

73 de WA3ZSC - Jerry

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