Re: SO2R SSB 2 KB w Flex - How done?

Michael Walker

I have yet to test this, but could you use the Stream Deck to do this?  You can assign hot keys to buttons on the Stream Deck

We  use the Stream Deck with FRStack on Flex 6000 radios for many things, such as rapid antenna switching, gain settings, etc.  This replaces having to dig into a menu during a contest run.  What is nice is that you 'should' be able to have N1MM commands keys sitting right beside Flex radio keys and sense each button is an OLED it is easy to see what it is assigned to do.

Mike va3mw

On Tue, Mar 31, 2020 at 9:58 AM Kevan Nason <knason00@...> wrote:
Another option is to use a gaming keyboard with programmable keys. There are many, and probably better, keyboards out there, but I've found my two identical Logitech G105 keyboards do things like this. They have three configurable macro key profiles for different contest use. Macros programmed work with either keyboard.

As a test I programmed CTRL+Right Arrow into key G3 and CTRL+Left Arrow into G4. Switched back and forth from one window to the other without issue. I also put Pause into G3 and used it to switch focus. A "gotcha" is if for my Logitech software I have to close and reopen N1MM for it to recognize the change.

For those of you thinking of using something like this, here's some lessons learned. NJ4F started me using gaming equipment that way. He uses a gaming keypad with something like 20 programmable buttons on a single device easily reached by slightly moving his fingers. I don't like that setup because of needing to move hands off the keyboard though. I avoided keyboards with programmable keys across the top. Figured I would too easily confuse them with the regular F-keys after 20 or 30 hours in the chair. Settled on the G105 keyboard because the function keys are to the left of the typing area and easily reached. The G1 key sits right next to the Esc key though. Kept hitting G1 instead of Esc. Solved that by giving up one of the six macro keys and programmed G1 as a second Esc key so it doesn't matter which upper left key I hit. Considered getting a gaming mouse which has programmable buttons on it, but again you would have to move hands from keyboard so didn't go that route.

Don't think they make the G105 keyboard anymore, but found one for the second radio on eBay for a very reasonable price. Has to be other similar ones out there somewhere, but didn't have the need to look.

Kevan N4XL

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