locked sticky Re: New Version

Tom - N1MM

Version 1.0.8280 (Mar 31, 2020)
  1. StationInfo: Update country name when opening a database with a different country callsign (F5PBL)(Coded by K8UT)
  2. MorseRunner: When mute selected, mute when sending fills. (WD6T) (Coded by N2IC)
  3. Fix runtime error loading operator settings (W7YED) (Coded by N1MM)
  4. Bandmap: Default freq to last 20m freq when no radio at startup. (WA3ZSC) (Coded by N1MM)
  5. FunctionKey and CallHistory file downloads: Fixed bug with Soft search versus Exact search contest name matching (K9MM)(coded by K8UT)
  6. Butt-In-Chair contest timer: Supplement to the standard N1MM+ Contact Timer. n1mm.hamdocs.com/Butt-In-Chair (WB9BSD)(coded by K8UT)

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