Re: SO2R SSB 2 KB w Flex - How done?

VE9AA - Mike

Andy, (or anyone)

I read the link on AHK you posted, but didn't see the exact example Kari and I would possibly need. I only gave it a cursory look, so maybe missed it.
Could AHK do this:
Take a single key (let's say it's the PrintScreen Key for sake of argument) and make it do CTRL+LEFT ARROW? (or CTRL+RIGHT ARROW) ?

ie: can I map a double key press to a single key press?

Ctrl+whichever arrow works perfectly for CW Paddle focus,(or footswitch focus) but I's tiring in a long contest.
If I could redo 2 seldom or unused keys for paddle focus (CW) or for footswitch focus (in SSB) contests, where immediately after transmitter key down, was going to be live audio from the op and not a F key, this would also work well if doable.

Many thanks for the advice.

Mike VE9AA

On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 11:47 AM, Andy (KU7T) wrote:
Hi Kari, 
hardware solution is doable, and software also. The key mapping you would do in AutoHotkey (

Mike VE9AA

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