Re: QSY doesn’t wipe call

VE9AA - Mike

The other thing that may be affecting that is if you are staying in run mode.(although I am not 100% sure of how this's really only for dxpeditons I would think.)
(maybe you hit ALT+F11 by accident)??

 – Disable/Enable the switching between RUN and S&P. In a networked environment with more than one RUN station on the same band, the switch to S&P must be disabled. This is also used during DXpeditions to stay in Run mode all the time and not jump inadvertently to S&P mode when you QSY a small amount and don’t call CQ. This behavior can be toggled using the Alt+F11 key and the state will be indicated in the Entry window status bar. Look for “Run/S&P auto-toggle disabled” or “S&P and Run Mode enabled”.
Mike VE9AA

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