Re: UDP Periodic Broadcasts

Chuck Green

Yes, I agree about the RS232 Bridge.  In my case I am not selecting an antenna. That would be real easy to do. Antenna selection, in my case, needs brain power and requires operator thought.  If it is a fixed antenna, which one?  If it is a rotating antenna which height?  That requires operator intelligence for antenna selection not automation. In my cause I have a system, not all my own, that helps prevent disasters by deselecting an antenna that was manually selected in error and not appropriate for the VFO frequency.  It is currently working 100% as designed but the UDP periodic broadcast for an idle VFO is, in my experience, too long.  When setting up the antennas the process is to select the VFO frequency first, then choose the antenna that most appropriately fits the situation.  There may be 5 antenna choices but only 1 is best for the specific goal. The operator, using an on screen window selects the desired antenna.  However, operators, especially guest operators, can screw up and select an antenna not designed for the frequency in use.  There would be no VFO tuning at all at this stage of the operation. Quite different than automatic antenna selection where rotating the VFO knob would trigger a UDP broadcast.. If an invalid antenna was selected, the UDP Broadcast will eventually be read and the first antenna designed for the frequency on the VFO will be selected, even if it is fixed and pointed in the wrong direction.  Better than burning up an amp while trying to tune to an inappropriate antenna. Crap does happen!  I find that the 10 second periodic UDF broadcast for an idle VFO is longer than I want it to be.  Chances are the transmitter will have been keyed and attempt to tune the amp will start well before the 10 seconds.  My guess is that this periodic broadcast time is not a user variable...I just wish it were as I could use it for my application.
Chuck, AD4ES

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