Re: SO2R 2BSIQ change - huh?

VE9AA - Mike

Determined it works perfectly on CW, but get's locked to one radio after working once only on SSB.

If someone can point me to instructions on how to revert to previous versions I'll assist in finding out when this occurred.

Mike VE9AA.....mostly a CW guy (in low sunspot years)...

On Sun, Mar 8, 2020 at 01:32 PM, VE9AA - Mike wrote:
GA Jamie,

That's fine for 1-off function keys, but I'm right handed and always use ESM, so using only my right hand, I can hit CTRL+ENTER and always have one radio transmitting and the other radio receiving.....if I am CQing a few times in a row, it's always been CTRL<enter>, CTRL<enter, CTRL<enter>, but now it's not working that way.

I have tried different SO2R settings, but can't get it to act as before.

The PC hasn't been rebooted in a while, so as soon as I am done in ARRL DX SSB, I'll do that first (that's caught me out before) and then start rolling back revisions.

Thanks !


Mike VE9AA

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